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May 26, 2011 Leave a comment

OrchestratorMail is an innovative application that brings efficiency to email communication. By fitting into your existing email platform, OrchestratorMail provides a simple, yet elegant structure to simplify the back and forth of email communications. OrchestratorMail effectively decreases email overload, minimizes misinterpretation and organizes email into an easily viewable system.

In a diverse, global workplace where immediacy of response and clarity of communications is critical, OrchestratorMail facilitates clear communications. It applies deadlines to communications making it more explicit and easy to track.

OrchestratorMail is a hosted application, independent of any email platform or client and uses email as a communication medium. OrchestratorMail fits right into your work style which means you do not have to change the way you work.

OrchestratorMail, works as its built on the fundamentals of language. The use of language varies by the culture, the geography and inter-personal relationships for the most part, even if it is all in English. OrchestratorMail distills the language to its unit elements to create an overlaying structure, reducing misunderstandings and bringing people on the same page. OrchestratorMail’s approach ties into world of language philosophy that has been around for hundreds of years.


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